Bedroom Set and Restoration

Bedroom Set

The bedroom set which includes the bed, a wardrobe, and a vanity were all made from Shower Brothers Company located in Bloomington, Indiana. This company claimed to be “America’s largest furniture maker.” By the 1920s, it was estimated that they had made about 60% of all of America’s furniture. These pieces as well as the baby crib, high chair, and bath cradle were donated by the William Henry and Marcella Clair Schulfe family from Schererville, Indiana. The couple’s wedding photo can be found on the vanity.


When the house was brought to The Farm in 2004, it was in need of restoration. The house was restored to bring it back to its original look through several donations from Nola Gentry and then named in honor of her grandfather, I. Floyd Garrott. During the process of renovating, new wallpaper was added to the walls. Extensive research through old catalogs and interior design books from the 1920s was done to find appropriate wallpaper. When an outlet panel was removed, some of the original wallpaper from when it was first built was found. The old wallpaper compared to the new wallpaper is remarkably close with similar floral patterns and color schemes. This comparison can be found on the wall, near the bed.