Gibson Farmhouse Tour


Sears, Roebuck & Company was founded in 1893, in Chicago. They had catalogs where people could mail order almost anything imaginable such as clothing, books, tools, farm equipment, and even houses! In 1924, the first retail store had opened up and by 1929, there were 300 retail stores across the country.

The Gibson Farmhouse is a replica of one of the many houses you could buy from Sears, Roebuck & Co. All of the pieces and materials you would need to build the house would come on railcars. A house this size probably needed about 3 full railcars! Oftentimes, neighbors would come together and host building parties to build the houses. 

The Gibson Farmhouse, a replica of the Hillrose, was built in 2000 and was made possible through donations by Dale and Carol Sue Gibson. The Hillrose would have cost the buyer a total of $3,141. It included 9 rooms. The first floor included a library, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom, and a pantry. The first floor would have also had a shed connected to the back but because the replica needed to include an elevator for accessibility reasons, some alterations in the floorplan were made. The second floor included 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. The Hillrose would have had a basement that had concrete floors and 7-foot tall ceilings.

Explore the Gibson Farmhouse and see how farm families would have lived in the 1920s!