Self-Guided Tour

Welcome to the self-guided tour of The Farm at Prophetstown! Through this online tour, you will get to explore a farmer’s way of life in the 1920’s Wabash Valley.

The Farm at Prophetstown offers a unique experience on all aspects of farm life. Programs revolve around the 1920s farms as they began their transition from animal to tractor power. The Farm is a training farm for sustainable agriculture, homesteading, gardening, canning, as well as farm-to-table cooking, sewing and quilting. It draws on a wide range of resources such as beekeepers, master gardeners, farm experts, and home economics experts. The Farm is a non-profit organization operating 100 acres of land leased from Prophetstown State Park.

Programs and activities of The Farm are targeted towards young families and explore what farm life was like in the 1920s.


Feel free to pick a tour and explore the different parts of The Farm at your own pace.