Belgian hose in the field The Farm at Prophetstown is a real working farm. The livestock are born and raised here and all the crops are used to feed them throughout the year. Barn chores are done each day at 8 am and 3 pm. Everyone is invited – especially children – to help in feeding the livestock, collecting eggs, and milking the cows.

Although we use horse drawn farming, we practice modern day farming techniques. The livestock are all bred with modern genetics and most of our farm machinery is modern, state-of-the art equipment — it just happens to be horse drawn.

We hope to educate, encourage, and promote animal power combined with the latest equipment innovations in an effort to support sustainable small scale farming. Animal powered farming is practical, profitable, and possible!


Belgian Mares

Belgians grazingThe mares are owned by RX Acres Belgians. The mares provide horse drawn transportation and are used exclusively on our 70 tillable acres.

Milking Shorthorn Cattle

The cows are milked twice a day. They also provide beef for the concession stand and for the gift shop.

We currently have 4 brood cows, two yearling heifers, and a breeder bull.

Berkshire Hogs

Berkshire hogsOur litter of piglets came from Golden Dawn Farms thanks to Brent Stoten. The pigs will be butchered in November to provide pork for the concession stand and the gift shop.

Barred Rock Hens

Barred Rock HensThe hens lay the brown eggs for sale in the gift shop. They wander around the farmstead during the day eating stray grain and insects. Each year, 50 chicks are raised to replenish the flock.


Field and barnThe cycle of plowing, planting, and harvesting runs from Spring to Fall. The Farm at Prophetstown has 70 tillable acres, all done with the Belgian mares. The crops harvested are used to feed the livestock throughout the year. On the farm, you will see oats, open pollinated corn, spelt, and alfalfa hay.


Sears home and trolleyThe farmstead is complete with a replica Sears Roebuck and Company catalog farmhouse, Red Barn, corn crib, two chicken coops, hog house, machine shed, milk house, tenant house, and brooder house.


harvesterMost of our equipment is state-of-the art horse drawn implements.

More information on I&J Manufacturing horse drawn farm equipment.