Animal Sponsorship Opportunities

If you love them like we do, consider a sponsorship!

At The Farm at Prophetstown, we are dedicated to our animals’ care and welfare. They are our partners in historic interpretation and helping families make memories!

Costs for animal upkeep are one of the major expenses at The Farm, and we would appreciate your helping support their care so that we can continue to have a large variety of animals for visitors.  Please consider a sponsorship! We welcome individual and business sponsors!  If we receive more than one sponsorship per animal we will use the extra funds for animal care year round.  All sponsors will be acknowledged on a sign in the barn. THANK YOU for your support!

We are now open for animal sponsorships!


Bo is a miniature horse we adopted from Indiana Horse Rescue, after they saved him from neglect.  Bo is a great favorite of our visitors.  Everyone comments on his crazy hair!  Bo’s needs for the year are hay, hoof trimming, vaccinations, deworming and fly spray.



Sponsor JJ!

JJ came to us from Indiana Horse Rescue and is a favorite here at The Farm!  He is a miniature donkey with lots of personality that loves to greet guests. Donkeys are protective animals that help keep predators away.  They were historically also used to transport items on their backs and pull small carts. JJ’s needs for the year are hay, hoof trimming, vaccinations, deworming, and fly spray.



Sponsor DAISY!

Daisy came to us from Indiana Horse Rescue after her career on the harness racing track.  Her breed is Standardbred.  Standardbreds were used on farms to pull plows, and they also pulled school buses, hearses, fire trucks and trolleys.  Daisy has beautiful long legs.  Daisy’s needs for the year are hay, hoof trimming, vaccinations, deworming, and fly spray.



Sponsor RYDER!

Ryder is a Standardbred, and like Daisy he came to Indiana Horse Rescue after his career on the track.  Ryder adores children, especially toddlers!  His favorite thing to do is lounge by the fence so visitors will pet him.  Ryder’s needs for the year are hay, hoof trimming, vaccinations, deworming, and fly spray.



Sponsor THELMA!

We’ve had Thelma since she was a lamb, and she is such a sweet girl!  Thelma loves to come up to the fence and let children stick their fingers into her soft, fuzzy wool.  She is patient and kind to all our visitors.  Thelma’s needs for the year are hay, sheep feed, hoof trimming, and vaccinations.



Sponsor LOUISE!

Louise came with Thelma several years ago when they were lambs, so they are good friends.  Louise loves hanging with Thelma in the pasture, and she is a very good girl every year when their wool is hand sheared.  Louise’s needs for the year are hay, sheep feed, hoof trimming, and vaccinations.




The turkey girls are all over The Farm.  They are very curious (a bit nosey) and love to explore. All of the turkeys entertain visitors by being so friendly.  Expenses we could use your help covering for the turkeys include scratch grains and poultry feed.




Sponsor a rooster!

We have seven handsome roosters, all friendly and tame, who play an integral role at The Farm.  They keep an eye out on their “girls” and make sure they find food and are safe from predators.  These handsome fellows love to strut their stuff, and if they are feeling really good, they just might crow for you!  The roosters’ needs for the year are scratch grains and poultry feed.



Sponsor a hen!

The chickens are always popular children, because of their bright and fancy colors and their antics chasing bugs and playing in the sunshine.  They are so much fun to watch!  We have over 60 hens, and they lay healthy, nutritious eggs that we sell.  They’re hard working girls who love the fact that they can freely range anywhere they want to go on the Farmstead.  The hens’ needs for the year are scratch grains and poultry feed.



Sponsor a duck!

We have three breeds of ducks at The Farm – Buff ducks, Call ducks, and Pekin ducks.  The white Pekin ducks are quite elderly, but still love to jaunt around The Farm and splash in their duck ponds.  The Buff ducks and Call ducks spend their days playing in the water, sleeping in the sun, or laying their beautiful opal-colored eggs.  The ducks’ needs for the year are scratch grains and poultry feed.



General Fund

Can’t pick your favorite animal? Donate to our General Animal Fund!

Thank you to those who have generously sponsored our animals in 2022!

Thank you to the family of Henry Wynstra. Henry was a wonderful volunteer for years up until his passing in 2021. He was a valuable member of our farm family and always took the time to go around and visit with all the animals before posting up on the porch or inside the house to greet our guests and play the piano for them. We appreciate his family honoring his memory by sponsoring our boy Ryder.

Daisy the standardbred mare

Thank you to Patricia Pastore. She generously donated to sponsor our beautiful Daisy in memory of the late Margaret Wynstra. We really appreciate her thinking of our girl and contributing towards her care for the year. Daisy is one of our standardbred horses. She is a gentle soul with kind eyes and lives with our boy Ryder, our other standardbred. She loves to hang out by the fence with him on busy days and get the attention of the kids. She came to us from The Indiana Horse Rescue and we are so happy to have her and grateful for the donation to her care.


Thank you to Kier Crites Muller for sponsoring our lovely sheep ladies, Thelma and Louise. They are quite the pair, you never see one without the other and they have adopted our latest addition to the farm, Cocoa, as part of their family.  They are a Oxford-Suffolk cross, and though they might seem shaggy if you see them in the winter, they get sheared once a year in April so they can cool off for the summer. Thanks again to Kier for sponsoring them, they eat lots of hay in the winter to keep them warm!

Tlelma and Loise

Thank you to Kathryn Travis, Ronna Griffiths and Susan Kissinger for their donations to sponsor Thelma and Louise in memory of the late Thelma Hoyt.  Our two girls are sisters and you never see one without the other. They are Oxford-Suffolk Cross and enjoying hanging out with their pasture mates Coco and JJ the Donkey.

JJ the donkey nosing the fence

Thanks again  to Kier Crites Muller for sponsoring our one and only donkey the man, JJ. He came to us from the Indiana Horse Rescue and is a 19 year old cross back donkey. JJ is the fearless protector of our sheep gals: Thelma, Louise and Cocoa. When he is not hanging out with his gals, he loves to spend time up by the fence mugging for attention from our guests. He also is very photogenic and says that if anyone is asking the price of a picture is head scratches and butt pats.

Cocoa the sheep

Our lovely sponsor of Cocoa is Caroline Ferraro. Cocoa actually lived with Caroline before she came to the farm until Caroline decided that it was important for Cocoa to have some other sheep friends and we were more than happy to take her. She has brought some much needed energy to our older ladies, Thelma and Louise and is especially fond of our orchard specialist Mr. Bill Hoover. He finds it difficult to take care of the apple trees with Cocoa dancing around him and chasing after him. She definitely brings the cuteness with her spunky personality and boundless energy. Thank you to Caroline for Cocoa and your continued support of her.

Mr Hotshot - Plymouth Barred Rooster

We really appreciate Kier Crites Muller and her sponsorship of a third  animal here on the farm.  Mr. Hotshot is a Plymouth Barred Rock rooster. He is definitely second in command to big boy Barry, and likes to keep to himself and his group of ladies. He does a very good job of watching over the other Barred Rocks and  likes to hang out close to home in the new coop.

Dizzy the chicken

Thank you to Joanna Parkinson and her sponsorship of our dear Dizzy.

Although you can not see it in her headshot, Dizzy is missing her right eye. It is not something she likes to talk about but she is all healed up now and despite some slight mobility issues, as her name implies, she is really a very happy, healthy and well-adjusted chicken. She has definitely not let the loss of her eye make her bitter—she is one of the sweetest and  friendliest chickens on the farm. You can find our girl in the milkhouse with the other barn chickens.