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Located just inside the beautiful Prophetstown State Park!






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The Farm at Prophetstown is a working farm. The livestock enjoy a beautiful, healthy, free range farm setting and our crops are used to feed them throughout the year. Our animals’ big personalities truly speak for their happiness on The Farm!

Our farming is done in partnership with some wonderful, local farmers who help us to plant, grow, and harvest grains, hay, and straw for our animals. We strive to serve as a home to animals that are breeds commonly found in the 1920s. Our livestock includes Standardbred horses, miniature horses, heritage and endangered chicken breeds, Hereford cattle, Oxford/Suffolk cross sheep, and Berkshire hogs, among others.  We’re proud to provide a home to horses from the Indiana Horse Rescue out of Frankfort, Indiana.

The Farm practices and educates visitors on aspects of sustainable agriculture, gardening, canning, as well as farm-to-table cooking, blacksmithing and homesteading arts. It draws on a wide range of resources such as beekeepers, master gardeners, farm professionals, and home economics experts. For most programming, admission is free with state park entry. The Farm is located just inside the beautiful Prophetstown State Park. With the $55 purchase of a Farm membership, entry into the park is free and a discount of 10% on meat, eggs, and produce purchased is offered, as well as early opportunities to reserve space at our very popular farm-to-table dinners.

We’re thrilled to offer visitors a 1920s farmstead complete with a replica Sears & Roebuck and Company catalog farmhouse common to that era, as well as an authentic, period-specific Tenant House moved to the property from Lafayette, Indiana. The farmhouse was erected on the property through the generosity of Sue and Dale Gibson, who shared in the passion and vision to celebrate this vital period in history. The Farm and all who visit are eternally grateful for the Gibson’s generosity. The Tenant House was moved to The Farm because of the generosity of Nola Gentry and Ned Derhammer and was dedicated as the I. Floyd Garrott Tenant House. The Farm was excited to welcome the addition of the Tenant House to the farmstead. Tenant houses were common to this period, and served as a house where farmhands or house staff would have lived. We’re pleased to honor the memory of Nola Gentry through this generous gift.

Also found on the farmstead is a beautiful red barn that welcomes guests to the property, a corn crib, milk house, chicken coops, blacksmith shop, machine shed, and other structures that were a part of the 1920s farm landscape. We invite you to visit and take it all in!

Board of Directors

President: Laura Hale

Vice President: Robin Bellinger

Treasurer: Tony Maniscalli

Secretary: Kier Crites

Board Members:

Dan Becker

Tom Gall

Ned Derhammer

Nancy Sattler

Holden Mugford


We welcome, and rely on the generosity of volunteers who can give their time and talent to The Farm. Areas we can always use help with include;  gardening, maintenance projects, greeting guests, facilitating or assisting with programs and special events, working farm-to-table dinners and more. Due to COVID-19, many volunteer activities have been temporarily suspended. 

If you are interested in volunteering, either stop in and talk to one of the staff members or drop off a completed volunteer form. You can also email it to We will resume volunteer activities when the pandemic has passed. Thank you to the many wonderful volunteers that help make The Farm such a special place to spend time!

Farm Staff

Lee Goudy

Executive Director

Mr. Lee Goudy, who grew in Logansport, Indiana, began in his leadership role with The Farm at Prophetstown in May 2022.

In 1998, Lee, his wife, and their two children moved to Lafayette when Lee began a new career in the Quality Control Lab at Eli Lilly, while his wife, Traci, worked in senior health care services as a Registered Nurse. As Lee worked in the lab, he discovered a love for teaching and leading others, which quickly advanced him into training and onboarding new staff, and eventually into management at Eli Lilly for several years. Meanwhile, his wife Traci grew a stellar career in senior care, going on to open her own business, Homecare By Design, in 2008. Over the years, Lee grew an interest in business growth and community outreach, which led him to join Traci’s company in 2011, where he and his wife worked together for over a decade building and expanding the business. Homecare By Design was acquired by a larger senior care company in October 2021, which gave Lee the opportunity to seek new avenues to serve the community, ultimately leading him to join The Farm at Prophetstown team.

Lee Goudy enjoys the outdoors, whether it is on a lake in his boat, capturing photos of wildlife, or simply taking a walk in the woods. Lee also loves spending time with his three grandsons and teaching them how to fish, with hopes that they will develop an appreciation for nature as well. Lee is excited to work with Prophetstown State Park and eager to help The Farm reach its fullest potential as a place where others can experience farm living from times past and create fond new memories for years to come.



“Animals are the best coworkers and outside is the best office. It is truly the little things in life and we help people experience and celebrate those things. Sunshine, fresh vegetables, happy animals, a good meal. It is amazingly simplistic how much peace and purpose coexist on the farm.”



Hi, I’m Emma! I was born and raised in Texas, which is where I gained most of my animal experience. I worked with horses for around 5 years, raised chickens for FFA, and gained a lot of knowledge about cattle and sheep. Working at the farm has opened many new doors or me, and given me a lot to learn from. Having animals as my co-workers is the thing I could ask for. I love every animal here, but Hope, JJ and Daisy have a special place in my heart. I enjoy coming to work each morning. You never know what the day have in store for you, its always something different, and that’s what I love!”