The Farm at Prophetstown is a real working farm. The livestock enjoy a beautiful, healthy farm/free range setting and our crops are used to feed them throughout the year.

All farming is done in partnership with local farmers.  Field work is done by antique tractors.  Our livestock includes Standardbred horses, a miniature horse, heritage chicken breeds, Hereford cattle, Oxford/Suffolk cross sheep, and Berkshire hogs.  Our horses come from   Indiana Horse Rescue out of Frankfort, IN and several local farmers and breeders provide the sheep, hogs, chickens, and cattle.

The Farm is a training farm for sustainable agriculture, gardening, canning, as well as farm-to-table cooking, sewing and quilting. It draws on a wide range of resources such as beekeepers, master gardeners, farm experts, and home economics experts. Admission is free with state park entry except for special programming and workshops. Located at Prophetstown State Park.



Our most popular animal on The Farm, Bo is a rescue and is full of personality!  In the 1920s most farm families had either a pony or a miniature horse to pull a cart for the family’s children, and the children learned basic horse care from these animals.


Miniature Horse

There are over 5 million pedigreed Hereford cattle! They are red with white faces. They are primarily used as beef cattle.

Hereford Cattle


The Farm has numerous Berkshire hogs in residence, and they will be harvested in the fall to provide meat for our farm to table dinners, and for sale to the public.

Berkshire Hogs


Barred Rock, Black Australop, New Hampshire Red, Ameracauna, and Brown Leghorn Hens.

The hens lay the brown, blue, and white eggs for sale in the Gibson farmhouse. They wander around the farmstead during the day eating stray grain and insects. Each year, 50 chicks are raised to replenish the flock.



The cycle of plowing, planting, and harvesting runs from Spring to Fall. The Farm at Prophetstown has 70 tillable acres, all done with antique tractors. The crops harvested are used to feed the livestock throughout the year and some is sold to help support our operations.


The farmstead is complete with a replica Sears Roebuck and Company catalog farmhouse, Red Barn, corn crib, two chicken coops, hog house, machine shed, milk house, tenant house, and brooder house.