A 1920s Farmstead Highlighting Sustainable Agriculture, Homesteading, Heirloom Gardening, and Farm to Table Cooking

Located in West Lafayette near Battle Ground, Indiana, The Farm at Prophetstown offers a unique experience on all aspects of farm life. Programs revolve around the 1920s farms as they began their transition from animal to tractor power. The Farm is a training farm for sustainable agriculture, homesteading, gardening, canning, as well as farm-to-table cooking, sewing, and quilting. It draws on a wide range of resources such as beekeepers, master gardeners, farm experts, and home economics experts. Admission is free with state park entry except for special programming and workshops.

The Farm is a non-profit organization operating 100 acres of land leased from Prophetstown State Park. Our staff is dedicated to showing, sharing, and teaching about historic agriculture and the homesteading arts, as well as outstanding animal care and excellent customer service.

Discover The Farm and celebrate the gift of this land!

Come to the Gibson Farmhouse to check availability for meat, eggs, seasonal produce, and other items.

 Please call ahead at  (765) 567-4700 so we know when to expect you!

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